Well we’re still waiting to get our wedding pictures back and we’re pretty excited!  But because of a few dear friends we have some pictures from the bachelorette party, while I was getting ready, and of the wedding itself.  So we’re happy to report that we’ll be able to post a few of these to give y’all a taste of our BIG day!

So that’s just a little taste of the amazing wedding photos that are to come, and we’re excited to share them with you guys soon!  These past few weeks have been crazy with the honeymoon and then moving into our first apartment together and trying to transform it into our first home.  The honeymoon was amazing, we relaxed, swam in the ocean AND went zip lining through the jungle!

Now we are all moved into our apartment, minus a few projects I’ve taken on.  I’ve decided to sew decorative pillows rather than buy, make a wreath for our living room, and a canvas modge-podged with old sheet music for over our bed.  Needless to say our apartment is beginning to come together and it’s really becoming our home and place we look forward to spending time together and relaxing in.  And don’t worry, I will be posting pictures of all the little projects that we’ll have going on in the house.

We miss everyone very much but we are so glad that we have so much love and support constantly being poured into us.  Right now we are both working at Textbook Solutions and I am looking for a full-time position.  I have two interviews this coming week so please please keep that in your prayers.  The Lord is really stretching our faith and really teaching us to rely on Him.  We are really learning that the Lord is sovereign and to trust in His provision.  We love you guys lots and will be updating more often now that we’re settled and will want to keep you guys updated!


The Kerns